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gonna put some DR HOOK on the hifi...

S t e v e

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Ahhhhhhh, DR HOOK and the Medicine show!!!!!!

Shel Silverstein!!!

Ray Sawyer (Dude wit Eyepatch)!


Songs: IMMEDIATELY thought of: "Sylvia's Mother", and "Cover of the Rolling Stone".


GOOD music! Dang - haven't thought of them in a long time, now it's Y'alls fault -

gotta break out mah geet and see if I still remember how to play the tunes.


"She was Dancin' when I seen her,

in a Mexican cantina,

in a place they call "La Zona Roja-a-a-a-a-a".....



She had a child's smile,

and she told me in a while,

it would take a lot of GOLD to get to KNOW her...



DONDE did you go?

You said you'd always hold me,

BUT you run away with me ACAPULCO GOLD".....



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The first thing I thought of was:


And I got more money than a horse has hairs

'cos my rich old uncle died & answered all my prayers

But havin' all this money is gonna bring me down

If you ain't with me honey to help me spread it around

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"Sharin' the night together" helped me and the 'girl de jour 'steam up the windows in my high school clunker more than once! Here's to Ray and the boys! [thumbup]


Haha! Back in college when I had a morning radio show I had a certain female listener that would request that song every show.

After a while she started coming down to the station to request it personally. It never failed to put her in the mood.


The song after that one, side 2 of Abbey Road.msp_thumbup.gif

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