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What DAW do you use?


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That tune of yours 'Then You' (is it yours?) has a really great feel to it. It's crying out for a great lyric.

Thanks, Jonny. Yes, I compose a lot of my own stuff. I play what I like! I've actually got lyrics for that and tried a couple takes. I'm not a vocalist, and I did not like those takes, so I left them out for the time being. I've continued to practice that piece for months, and I've got to re-record it. I guess I'll try the vocals again, and add some blues harp for a chorus or two. Thanks again!

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Wow this thread started in 2011 and is still getting replies. I guess I will jump into this and give my 2 cents. Just recently I have jumped up from a boss br600 digital 8 track that I have had since about 1999 or something. It records on to 100mb zip disks. I was actually looking at getting an old 4 track recorder that used cassette tapes because the hard drive on my boss br600 acts stupid sometimes. It is okay for throwing stuff down in a pinch and has some pretty cool effects though. The studio I play at has some system called nuendo. I thought I would never ever get used to trying to learn anything because to me it looked so complicated. I went to the local guitar shop here in town and they told me everything was online now and they did not have anything like that for sale. I was kind of bummed out. I have always heard protools was complicated. Heck it all is complicated if you have no idea where to start. One guy threw something on to my computer called FL studio or something. The format was not familiar and I did not even mess with it. I was used to looking at the timeline scrolling template on the screen at the studio I go to and I wanted something more similar to that. Well the past couple of weeks I found a guy selling off a protools 9 package with an interface. I hooked it up and at first nothing made sense. So I took the time and loaded a template that looked like what they use in the studio I frequent and now I am having a freaking blast. It is no where near as complicated as I thought it would be. I should have done this years ago. Now I think I will be able to send a wav file of guitar tracks by email to the studio without having to go there. That is the reason I even got into the computer studio thing. Man it is a whole new world and with endless options. I am very happy. I can see why there are so many independent labels out there now. I do not know exactly what I am doing by any means just yet but I can record, mix, add delays or reverb to tracks, cut parts out, adjust eq on tracks, add fades at the end and edit with it and have had it set up less than a week. This is pretty cool. I guess I am way behind on some things....sorry I may have rambled on a bit!

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I love Reaper. I have used many different DAWs but Reaper is the best in my opiion. It's lightweight, never crashes, costs pennies, and has some awesome features. Comes with amazing plugins and you can change interface too.

You can find great reaper themes here.

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