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Vintage Brown Cali-girl Case Question


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Yesterday I stumbled into a local pawn shop and discovered a 1950's archtop case with a Gibson plague on it. I bought it as I have a 1954 Gibson L-50. Once I got it home however I began to doubt that this case was intended for an L-50 (Its deeper than my L-50). I was wondering if someone could help me to identify what guitar this case was for? My research last night has told me the following:


1. This was a "faultless" case made in the 50's possibly made by 3 companies, one of which was Lifton.

2. They are called "Cali-girl" cases (due to the shape?)

3. Its got 5 latches

4. It's worth a bunch more than I paid for it [biggrin]


I would love anyone to tell me more than I know. The inside length is 42.5 inches and is 16.5 at its widest. The photos below have measurements included in them.


Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me.

post-35456-069737600 1314536149_thumb.jpg

post-35456-040959600 1314536163_thumb.jpg

post-35456-088313000 1314536170_thumb.jpg

post-35456-079926200 1314536184_thumb.jpg

post-35456-031494300 1314536221_thumb.jpg

post-35456-015701400 1314536232_thumb.jpg

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Nice find! Just out of curiosity, what does it say on those stickers? It would be interesting to know who owned it and where this case has been during its life.


The "Cali Girl" moniker comes from the color(s). I don't know who came up with the idea, but... tan on the outside, and pink on the inside... or at least that's what I've read and heard over the years. I've never thought they look "tan" in color (more like "brown"), so I'm not crazy about that nickname.


As for the measurements and what model(s) it was made for, I'm not sure. What guitars were deeper than an L-50? Maybe a flat-top model? I've never been a flat-top player or owner, so I leave those questions to others, generally. Anyway, you could research that. I just sold my 1950's Super 400CESN last year, otherwise I would go and measure the brown case (in all the years I owned that, I never measured the case).

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Thanks for your input. The stickers are from three Atlantic Canadian provinces, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. That's where I'm from. The other stickers are airline stickers. A past owners name is on the case but I don't think I should post it on a public forum :-). I believe its a local guy because the transportation stickers are all local stuff.

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