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Help w/very shallow scratches


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Hi there everyone as you can see its my first time on these forums so be nice.


So here's the deal, recently I picked up my new toy, it was rather discounted due to the fact that the bottom of the body is covered in tiny scratches making the

flamed finish rather difficult to see and the body dull. (I tried to capture this in the pictures)

Personally I am not too bothered about this but as of yet I have been unable to get rid of the scratches, anyone have any ideas as to what to do?

post-35461-001002600 1314541754_thumb.jpg

post-35461-036064300 1314541762_thumb.jpg

post-35461-020698000 1314541771_thumb.jpg

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Go to an automotive parts store...buy 3M Scratch and Swirl Remover....go home....open the bottle after shaking it very well....use a clean cotton or flannel cloth.....squirt a dab on to the guitar and use lots of elbow grease, rubbing in small circles with heavy pressure :) When the paste begins to dry out, flip the rag over and buff off the whitish film.....just like waxing a car!

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