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1954 VOS?


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Lol..You aren't going to get an immediate effect on guitar values because of the raid.


Obviously, depending on how this plays out, it could affect a lot of things. As of yet, no one really knows what is trying to be achieved from the raid. If this is the beginning of more to come with the goal of demonizing anything made of woods and they are all made illegal, then ALL our guitars will either be worth a buttload or worth nothing because we can't sell or travel with them. I am being extreme here, but I think everyone on both sides of this is wondering what it is all for.


The other more real factor is if Gibson will survive as a company and/or still be able to make guitars domestically. Obviously, this will affect values.


As for resuming production, obviously the factory HAS to put their workers back on the assembly line doing something and being productive. My understanding is that entire supplies of certain materials were taken from them, so I think a lot of guitars they would be building would only be able to be built to a certain level without materials to complete the guitar.

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