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Blues Custom 30 hiccups, loss in power

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Hi All,


Not sure if this question was ask, so forgive me as I searched here and found no related topic.


My problem with my BC 30 is when I turn it on in 30 watt mode, all is fine. Then anywhere after playing for about 2-8 minutes of playing my amp it will hiccup, seems like it goes off for a second, then back on, drop in power and sometimes here pop in the reverb, after that there is a slight drop of the volume then I here a buzzing sound. It's annoying, Everything still sounds good but can't understand why it would do that. I have had this amp for about 2 years with no issues till now. When I increase the volume you can't here the buzzing sound as it stays at that level of sound, it bugs me cause when I try to play at bedroom levels I can here it. Any thoughts on this would be great help.



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Yeah I was thinking the same, although I changed the preamp tubes with my other set just to see and there was no change. I was looking at the power tubes and one didn't seem right, it looks like a piece of filament inside was bent out of shape, but still had it's glow. I will swap out the power tubes anyways as they where the stock ones, gonna get ones with more bottom end.


Thanks Stijn.



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