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Want to change a pickup.


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Lately ive become disappointed with the tone of the Dimarzio 36th Anniversary pup on the washburn, it sounded great on the other strat i played with it. The guitar only has one pickup, one volume knob and thats how i like it.

I'm looking for something low output, maybe vintage but really anything that is trusted to sound good on any guitar.

Oh and it has to be Zebra color, HAS TO!

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Man go GFS and use the rest of your budget on something else.


Dude I bought a pickup from them and it. is. da. bomb! Sooo cheap too. Every time people hear it they gush over the sound.


Come to think of it, I get more compliments on that $20 guitar's sound than on all my Gibsons put together..........................................


I hear EMGs are great though.

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