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Guess who I saw this weekend?


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Come to Great Britain for your holidays.....we have the real deal Fowler Class 3F 'Jinty' 0-6-0 Tank engines decked out in Thomas livery. There are numerous examples of these across the UK and lots of 'Thomas days out' on our preserved steam railway lines during the year.





All the characters are based on UK steam locos so they tend to put faces on all their other locos too:



Percy is based on the 0-4-0 Saddle Tank




.....and Daisy is a Class 127 Diesel railcar




I have 3 young sons and they're all steam train mad!

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I checked out the "Day out with Thomas" website. It would appear, checking his schedule then comparing over lapping dates, there are 4 or 5 Thomas engines touring the US. This one did not appear to be a working model. It seemed to be more of a steam kettle on wheels. The motive power was provided by a EMD SD7 pushihing from the rear. The Illinois Railway Museum has about a mile of side which the Thomas train was pushed, then pulled back to reload with passengers.


Most of the conductors seemed to be local volunteers. But all were well trained and top notch performers.

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