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Well. I bought it. Only £470($743). Which is good by UK money. Only niggle is where (here we go again) it's been on a wall hanger and it's marked the sides of the headstock. Apart from that it could do with a polish. What will get surface scratches out?




Picking the Melody maker up on Sunday.

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That's all USA stuff. I've just tried a product called 'peek' it's a fine metal/plastic polish. It did the job a treat. Then I just polished as normal. All clean. I took the covers off the back and I'd say that's the first time off since leaving the factory. Nice. All original.

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Looks like the nitro reacted with a rubber/foam padded wall hanger.


Is the headstock finish delaminating/peeling on the front or is that some checking.


Good luck with the repairs to the finish.


I really like the black metal on that finish color. Looks great.


Congrats. B)

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