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Happy Hump day..


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Why Thank you Dave!


In Wonderful Wyo we have had some 90-100F days but alas the weather

shows not cool but colder weather on the horizon. The last report I knew of

was w Winter storm warning coming down from Canada into Montana. It

probably will not affect us to the eastern side of "Ole Wyo" but to the west i.e. Yellowstone and

the Teton Mtn. area no doubt will start to get lows of 35-45 F


ENJOY Spain and the warm [thumbup]

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My Honey-Do list doesn't seem to get any shorter. I get one thing done and then something else pops up.


Summer is not over yet here in ole' St. Lou' We're in for another heatwave this weekend. I probably won't close my pool until mid to late September.


Thanks for the Hump Day wishes. 2 1/2 more days then a 4-day weekend. [thumbup]

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