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les paul traditional control cavity


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usually 60's have little blue caps... why your comes with orange? lucky?


(Think you've misread something...)

It did came with the lil' blue caps like everyone elses but I soldered in some Orange Drops myself (0.22 100v's).


I was only wondering which value the Orange Drops are that are to be found in the 50's 'cause that's

the only thing imo that makes the sound difference between a 50's and a 60's.



Anybody ?


found some mention of lil' blue caps on this thread.......

===========================50s vs 60s Studio Tribute Sonic Differences (vids)================================================================================

i thought all traditionals had orange drops....can anybody open theirs up to check?.....thank you.

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Guest BentonC

The Orange Drops were really used exclusively in the 50s Tribute models. Gibson USA started using the small blue caps a year or two ago instead of the standard ceramic disk caps.

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