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custom silverburst


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from guitar dater your serial shows this.


Your guitar was made at the

Qingdao Plant (Epiphone), China

September 2007

Production Number: 7311

from the official gibson site

Gibson site - LP silverburst Ltd Ed

from the Epiphone site under special runs

epiphone site


The head does look longer - but it could be the angle of the Photo - ask for more photos.

The stamp on the back of the headstock looks like the Epiphone custom shop logo/stamp - I have this on my Ltd Ed Wildkat (metallic red) - as it wasn`t a normal colour offered with the range

see link to Epiphone news 2005 RE Wildkat colour

Epiphone news RE Wildkat Colour


I guess unless it is inspected it will be difficult to answer you question - i for one do not have that much knowledge on the counterfeit guitar stuff.

I hope something in this post was of some use.

cheers from downunder

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I'm not a very experienced person in identifying fake guitars, too!


But for the past period that I have been searching for this guitar, my experiences tells me that 90+% of the ones you find on ebay, are most likely to be fakes, especially the ones that keeps telling you they are brand new!


As far as I know, they've stop producing this guitar since 2009, and this has been a very very very popular guitar, they sell quick! So if you can still find some saying brand new, and they stated that they've received it from the China factory, beware! They are usually the fake ones! [unsure]

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It is impossible to tell anything from those pictures. Need a close up of the serial number and the front of the headstock as well as some straight on shots of the body. If you bought it through ebay, make sure you pay using Paypal. This way you can get your money back if it turns out to be a fake. If you found it on any other site, I would cancel it just due to the poor quality of the pics and the impossibility of having it verified unless the seller is willing to provide better pics. There are just too many fakes of this model out there to take a chance if you aren't sure of getting your money back.

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The lighting, though "Dramatic", does tend to wash out the binding

in the pic, and cast shadows. I did a LOT of research in general

on EPI LPs using MF Website pics, Epi Website pics, and Ebay pics.

(several of you received PMs from me regarding this)


Based ONLY on pics provided - it LOOKS genuine.

Obviously, I cannot see the listing, what was described, HOW it was described, etc.


What I need to know is more info about the SELLER.


1. Location of seller?


2. Shipping Company used?


3. Location of guitar (where will it ship from)?


4. Seller's Ebay rating and feedbacks as a SELLER.


5. Will you receive the guitar in it's "Original" packaging? Was it

sold as new, used with pkging, or other?

(If made in 2007, having "original" packaging will be a bit odd...).


6. Does the seller move LOTS of guitars, or it this just a one-sie or two-sie sale?

(If seller DOES move lots, can you go and LOOK at recent items sold?)


7. Duration of listing? Long-term or a fast 2 or 3 day in and out?


THIS is where the clues I need are in order to make a better decision.


Folks, without going into great detail - take TOO long - we have reached a point

where it is necessary to research the SELLER just as much as it it necessary to

look at the pics.

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So waiting for more pics from the seller.


1. Listing was for a week

2. his only guitar

3. good feedback with other items


also waiting for pics to send to gibson for help.


I need to research SELLER to see past history.


What part of the world are you in? I tried to look up "Completed Listings" on

US ebay, but didn't see it. May have had the "Title of the listing" wrong.

Something like: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Silverburst?

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Get out of the Deal if you can!!!!


All I needed to know was WHERE you were - I looked up the listing,

definitely says "Used". NOW IT STARTS TO STINK.....


I checked out the seller's FEEDBACK as a Seller:

Between 01 April 2011 and 26 Aug 2011 the "Individual" has sold:


Four Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty Guitars

Four Epiphone Les Paul Silverburst Guitars

Four Epiphone Zakk Wylde Bullseye Les Paul Guitars

One Epiphone Alpine White Les Paul Guitar


WAY too many for your average player to have laying around, and

sadly these are the FAVORITES for the fakers to move onto the market.


Only companies with deep pockets can hold that much stock - Gibson/Epiphone

requires an initial investment of at least $100,000.00 in guitars BEFORE

they'll even ship product to you if you want to be a distibutor.


Most likely the seller has a source of "Not-Reals" in Hong Kong.


WOW, they're getting better and better. Pictures can fool you, BUT

the "Paper Trail" reveals ALL.

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Agreed AF...


& all that was after they changed there seller name twice...


& they are also peddling an interesting side line in 'Pandora' jewellery in significant quantities... which is also a 'something other than original' favourite out of Hong Kong.



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That looks like an improvement on previous fakes we've seen. Anyone see any detail that's off?


I'm not doubting AF's reasoning at all, just that it might be a real one used for pic purposes, or fakes have suddenly improved.

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That looks like an improvement on previous fakes we've seen. Anyone see any detail that's off?


I'm not doubting AF's reasoning at all, just that it might be a real one used for pic purposes,

or fakes have suddenly improved.


You've hit the nail on the head, Vomer. Remember the cryptic PM alluded to previously?

Well, Detective Muffins contacted a "Dis-satisfied" customer and asked:


"What was the nature of the problem you had with the Epi Black Beauty you purchased

from 'unmentioned seller' please."


Response from "Customer":


"The Epi was not as described, had fake pics on the auction page and was completely different

when i received it."


"The seller claimed to have listed it on behalf of a 3rd party seller but I told him that he would have checked

it before listing it. I returned it to the seller and got a full refund through paypal as well as the return postage fee,

honestly it seemed too good to be true and it was."


"I wouldn't buy from this seller again however your experience may differ,

be sure that you know how to spot a fake."


HENCE, Research the sellers history for unusual amounts of GIT SELLING as if

they had a distributorship. Seems a STANDARD TACTIC is to post pics of REAL GIT,

then send Garbage. Hence, AGAIN, research the SELLER!

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There are just so many fakes out there on the bay, making it very hard for newbies to identify. [thumbdn]


I almost fell into the trap once, and was fortunate enough to be able to pull back the bid, thanks to these forums which has provided very useful information in watching for counterfeiters! [thumbup]


However, the Australian market is making it very expensive to buy, as they have high import tax and shipping fees included in the price. Yet, for my first les paul, I personally would still prefer to pay that extra dollars, in making sure my first beloved guitar is a genuine one. After all, it's my hard earn money, didn't want to waste it, nor keep having nightmares that it might be a fake.


Anyway, it's my own opinion & approach.

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