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I am now in Switzerland

Andy R

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Have a great time. It is a beautiful country. If you have time stop at Lake Como in Italy, it's just over the border. There's lots to see in do in that part of the world. If you have time, rent a car and visit as many countries near Switzerland as you can. Enjoy!

Kenny V

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Thank you everyone! I made it in one piece and only one major dent and scratch across the top of my Macbook Pro.... and a lost a brand new set of bluetooth headphones I listened too for about 10 minutes. Damn it!! Oh well.


I am settling into my flat and found the Market down the street so I have some basic supplies and am making ice since no one has any around here...


My flat is just across the Rhine to where I work so it's a short walk and I have got my slingboxHD setup at home for watching local cable. I also set up a Cam on my mac mini So I can Video Conference with Liz and freak out the dogs and cats every now and then. It's nice having a virtual window into my home. It's been a long time since I have been away for more than a couple of weeks and am a bit home sick already.


Hoping my connection on here and other electronic medium will help me feel at home as much as possible. I also took the neck off my Charvel and stuck it in my suitcase along with my Mbox so I will have something to play while I'm here.


Also not used to living in the City. They started working on the street with a jack hammer this morning at 7:00AM Doh!


Anyway thanks everyone for the replies!






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