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HELP! I am looking for Nickel Plated p 90 covers

Sinner 13

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so I have been searching all over the internerds for a set of NICKEL P-90 SOAPBAR covers.

(NOT the cheap chrome plastic ones either)


I have Lurked msg board post, parts sites and even sent Rio Grand an email to see if they would sell just a set of covers.

(still awaiting a reply)


I know some of you good people on here are ultimate scrounge hounds, and purveyors of weird, and obscure parts.

PM me if you have a set you will part with or know of an after market source.


I want to give the Epi 56 GT a face lift, and these are the key parts that I want to achieve my goal.....

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I do not know where you would find them but my understanding is that they make them out of plastic so not to increase the noise on P90's.


Are Gibson P90 cover made of metal?

diverden on the Epi Electrics forum put me on to these from a German supplier

Crazy Parts

not sure on the noise issue with them, I am gonna wait till I get the Pick guard cut and see how every thing jibes.

but I am replacing the stock Epi Bridge and stop bar set with a nickel Gotoh set from Stew Mac, This is more of an aesthetics upgrade,

Tort PG and CTRL covers nickel bridge/stop bar nickel covers, if it damps them too much tonally, then I'll up to 1 meg ohm pots.

this is the reason I like Epi's, You can find some good ones as far as wood goes, and I don't feel bad about modding the crap outta them.


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