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need advice on first les paul purchase


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I'm looking to purchase a les paul for the first time. I havnt got the money to purchase a brande new model, so I have searched and found 2 second les pauls on a classified website.


I figured this would be the best place to get some advice on buying a les paul, and was hoping someone might be able offer some advice.


The les pauls i am looking at can be viewed here and here


By the way, my budget is roughly £300

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I think you actually can find a brand new Epiphone Les Paul for your budget


just a couple of examples from online EU stores







but, of course, as Tim suggested, you should try with your hands and ears

what are you going to buy to be sure it's fine with you

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Hi guys, thanks for your advice. I knew they were'nt gibsons. I was looking for a les paul, didnt have any particular preference on what make.


I am swaying towards the tokai les paul at the moment I think, I have heard they make really good guitars. Anyone else have any experience of tokai?


I would buy a gibson LP, but I just dont think I have the budget for it.

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i didn,t have the budget for my 2008 les paul custom.i,m working overtime to pay my credit card.lol epiphone makes a good

les paul copy.i,ve tried many at guitar center.i spoke with a sales person about them.there,s some different appointments and it,s made

overseas.thats all.last year for xmas,my landlady got a band for a home party and the lead guitarist had an epiphone les paul and it sounded

so good.i thought it was a les paul,till i saw the logo on it.

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A Tokai Les Paul style isn't a "Les Paul" cause it says Les Paul on the add .. If you are wanting a Les Paul style, I'm sure there are loads out there. Are you just looking for the "Les Paul" name, or you want that Les Paul look? My best advice if you really want a Les Paul is save up for one! I'm sure it would be worth it in the end!! How much more expensive is a Epiphone or Gibson Les Paul to your 300 quid budget? I don't really know as I bought mine when I was in Canada! Good luck boyo!

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