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SG junior '66-'69 ?


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Way back in junior high school I got an old Gibson sg that was in this old man's barn. My mom paid around $100 for it. I played it for a couple years, sold it to a friend, bought it back, sold it to another friend, bought it back again, then gave it to my uncle, and got it back again, this time it stays. Considering I got this around 1977, I knew it had to be worth something. I checked the serial number -600307- it seems to be between '66-'69. Its a single pickup, 1 volume, 1 tone and a jack. The pickguard was a piece of smoked plexiglass that apparently disappeared over the 15 yrs in my uncle's closet. It looked identicle to a '1966 sg junior I saw in a picture, except it didnt have the P90. It also is missing the back cavity color, and 1 tuner.

Anyway, I would like to know any info to specify exactly what year it is.


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