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Alnico Classic Humbuckers


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Hi, I was just curious about the output of these pickups that come stock in many Epiphones. How would you describe them, can they be a bit muddy?


Thanks in advance.


Man, there are SEVERAL varieties of EPI HB Pups out there, and they will sound

different, depending on guitar!!! For Example:


My own LP STUDIO and LP CLASSIC came stock with exact same pups. In Studio, they had

more bottom and midrange response, less highs. Some folks call that "muddy". But in

the LP Classic, pups sounded "Normal". Different materials used in construction.


And EPI's pups break down into "Classic" and "Classic Plus", with the "Plus" being wound hotter,

and generally used in Bridge position.


Go to GEAR REVIEW Sticky in Lounge, read reviews of 2 above guitars for more detail.


Decide WHICH guitar you are interested in, perhaps we can provide an answer for you, as

there are SO MANY pup combinations.


Also, when trying to research, YOOOOO-TOOOB can be your friend:



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