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I'm looking for online stores that shows photos of the actual guitar you are going to buy. I have found davesguitar.com and sweetwater.com


Anybody knows of other sites that offer the same feature? I'm pretty interested because of the burst diversity some look really nice while some others look pretty bad, and I don't have any other option to buy a Les Paul, so it must be online.


Thank you.

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Guest BentonC

Thank you guys,


wildwoodguitars.com is grat, just like sweetwater they show you the exact guitar, and they have pretty good stuff in stock, great finishes. Excellent!


+1. Both are great dealerships!

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Oops . . . . I forgot The Music Zoo - great stock of Gibsons online with individual photos by serial# - http://www.themusiczoo.com/


Gibson USA section - http://www.themusicz...ectric-Guitars/


Gibson Custom section - http://www.themusicz...m-Shop-Guitars/


Hey! another excellent store. Certainly great stock ones, there's a honeyburst that looks really good, in fact the only honeyburst I've liked so far.


Thank you.-

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