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What kind of chair do you use when you play guitar sitting down?


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at home I use the corner of a 3'x3' square ottoman...ergonomically perfect for me.

elsewhere I stand or sit on what's available.


talk about LOUD, I have a one-piece fullstack 8x10" amp cab that I used to lay on it's side, and sit on the cab with the head beside me.......it's also how I learned that feedback can be greatly reduced by simply getting behind your amp, and facing away from it.

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Usually it's my wheelchair I'm supposed to spend 50% of the day in one and I'm not really supposed to stand up for more than a 1/2 hour at a time so I usually just fold the low arms on my sport wheelchair back and it works really well. I also really like the corner of the big leather ottoman or footstool in front of one of the leather chairs we have in several rooms.

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Depends on where I am/what I want to play/noodling or 'play-along-a'.


If it's the latter I'll usually be standing but sometimes I'll be sitting on my Music Man. Here's a screengrab from a wee clip;




If I'm noodling in the back room with my toy amp I'll prop both it and me on a couple of step-stools. Another screengrab;



The step-stools are the perfect height for sitting with the guitar in my lap. Sitting on the amp's comfortable but I'll strap the guit on just in case it slips...


(As you will observe; faded 501's and white rolled-up-long-sleeved 'T's are an essential part of the creative process.........................[blink]........................)



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