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HELP! I need new tuners for my LP studio.


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Hey I have a Les Paul Studio and It has Grover tuners on it. I want to buy the tuners identical to the ones on it. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say a guitar dealer's name here, but I looked on "Musicians Friend" (sorry if thats against the rules) and they had Grover tuners SORTA like mine, but "sorta" isn't gonna work... My tuners have a screw straight down, but the ones I found have the screw to the side. I hope you know what I mean. I added a picture... I need a set of tuners like the one in the picture. THANKS ADVANCE!

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There's some speculation as to whether you need to put new holes in the headstock for these tuners as apparently the Grover rotomatic holes do not line up with the vintage style tuners so if you are sqeemish about the possibility of putting new holes into your headstock, then make sure you ask the question first.


My Machine Heads on you Studio Lite were rubbish for the get go and I have had them replaced with Grover Deluxe 135s which are far superior than what I had on there despite looking absolutely identical to what I had.

Only obvious difference was the labeling on the back, saying Grover Deluxe instead of Gibson Deluxe.

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Hey. I ordered these. I took a chance because I couldn't tell if the hole was at the bottom or off to the side just by the picture. I spoke on the guy on the phone about these thing for like 30 mins. He did a great job researching it for me though he said if they are not correct or what I need that they are returnable. Heres what I got.... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/grover-trophy-102-rotomatics-3-per-side-guitar-tuning-keys/361000000375000


To the guy who even suggested putting new holes in my Les Paul is $#%@%!#@$#@%$ crazy lol! No offence or disrespect to keep the peace....

It will be a cold day somewhere, before I modify (devalue) my awesome Silverburst LP!




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Yeah you went the right way [thumbup] Grovers tuners come in many disguises, but their are essentially 3


"Gibson" branded ones with Tulip tuners heads




Standard Grovers with the Cresent Moon Tuners


(The ones you bought)


& Deluxe Tuners (With cream plastic tulip heads)

These were originally made by Schaller but alot of companies make these including "Planet Waves" & Grover

This last one requires 2 holes but produces a more classic look...



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