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Imagine Seeing My Pic In The Newspaper This Morning


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That's great! I saw on the web that you interviewed 46 bands. Impressive! Sounds like a great book. Congrats and best wishes on its success.


Chris, it's not my book...but I was interviewed for it, and I'm in the book, (and of course, my pic is on the cover!).

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Congratulations, it is always nice when you picture is in the paper and it aint in the COPS section.


Tell us where to buy the book.





Gill, I just checked... .they're available on Amazon.


The book signing is at Barnes & Nobel, so I suppose they also have them.

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Wonderful stuff!


The Breadmen are even mentioned in the newspaper article!


Enjoy the book signing!




Pip, amazingly enough, the article about Mrs. Cainwright, (Babson), came out in my newspaper today!


Shoot....after 44 years, articles 2 days in a row, and right after we found out a poster for a show we did back in 1966 ended up in the Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame!


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