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OK...got the AJ Adi/Madi


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Now that I have it, compared to my little Bellezza Nera (all black Clapton model 000-28) and the J45TV, this thing feels like a tank and has an incredible amount of volume. The ONLY thing I don't care for is how the trebles "chime" vs. the mids and bass. I'm wondering if anyone has ever put ebony pins on the treble end of one these to tone her down some.


It certainly has a 'thud' that the 45 lacks but it's also not as balanced across the spectrum - dare I say it's almost like a Taylor GS8! I know, heresy, but I listen with my ears and I'm only telling you what I hear.


The guitar's action is incredible - almost electric-like. Very smooth up the neck and so easy to fret. The intonation is quite possibly better than any guitar I've ever picked up. In tune at the first fret it's literally +/- 1 cent off at the 5th, 7th, AND 12th. When barred at 5 I can only barely hear the difference in a first position A chord vs. up the neck.


The guitar's finish is impeccable. Perfectly matched seams and the inside is clean as a whistle. One (very minor) complaint is that I ALWAYS look for how symmetric the fingerboard matches the rosette. On the Clapton it's spot on. Absolutely no error. The J45's placement is off by a mere 1/64th of an inch. This one is off by 1/16th of an inch. Not the end of the world but when you place world class woods together and construct them in the old way, the QA 'marksmanship' should be worthy of the environment.


The sound is "crunchy," no doubt owing to the tightness of the Adirondack top. I'm surprised there are not more overtones in the basic E and G chord strums, but then again, it's not a Martin and I'm a bit thankful that the overtones do not dominate.


It's impossible to overdrive this thing. I've tried, in vain, to make the top break down under heavy attack on power chords up the neck. All it does is reflect your energy right back at you in crystal clear tones. Amazing.


It came with an LR Baggs pup but I haven't plugged it in yet. I'll do so over the weekend when the kids are not in the house just to see how well it replicates the acoustic sound. Trust me Jackson Browned model owners, I'm not expecting THAT kind of experience. But the fact that this came to me with a pup is a blessing since now I don't have to send it off for 2 weeks to get one professionally installed. When I play out Saturday I'll bring her along (along with the Clapton) just to see what she can do.


When I first got it and brought it home the thought occurred to me to just take it back. Really, the "chimi-ness" bothered me that much. Then I played it for an hour after dinner and it just seemed to warm up some. I do think I'll test drive some ebony pins just to get that metallic taste out of its mouth, but overall it really is so different than the J45 that I should stand to keep her around for a while.

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