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Epi Elitist LP Case - Is it Fake? Need Help


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I bought a used Epiphone Elitist LP Custom in wine red in April. The Elitist LP came with a generic Chinese LP case (the generic case is seen below the Epi case in first pic). I wanted to get the matching Elitist case, yeah, I know, it's a case.

Well I've been checking the Bay for an Epi Elitist LP case since April to no avail. Last week, I ran across one in new condition on the Bay, I asked the usual questions and bought it. I felt that the guitar has been out of stock for years so what is the likelihood of a fake Epi Elitist LP case. I am hoping that you can compare with your Elitist LP case and give some feedback.


I got the case today and put the guitar in it and I started to see a few things. Understand that I own an Epi Elitist SG and its original case so I compared the LP case to the Elitist SG case in terms of fit and finish, materials, etc (a bit of apples to oranges, I know). Here are my concerns and attached pics (sorry didn’t clean the axe).


  • No “carved” top of case as is characteristic of an LP case. The first photo shows the Epi Elitist case (top) and Chinese LP case (bottom).
  • The guitar fits in the case but there seems to be quite a bit of room around the guitar (about 1 to 1.5 inches of room at the body and a good 2 inches around the headstock- see pics)
  • This is a strange one: Case handle is made of same alligator grain vinyl as case body, padding can be pushed in a bit and has a foam sound to it. Also the handle has a big sewn edge. My Epi Elitist SG case handle has different vinyl and it's solid (it can’t be pushed in) and the sewn edge is smaller - the SG handle has a much better fit and finish.
  • Case handle mounts mount flat where the SG has curved sides.
  • Vinyl seam at the case bottom is exposed. The SG Epi Elitist case has a vinyl strip that covers the seam.
  • Feet on LP case are rounded, gumdrop shape. Feet on SG case is checker or button shaped, flat on bottom with dimple in center.
  • There's a tag in the inside top lining of the LP case that says Made in China. No China label on the SG case, maybe the original owner ripped it off of the case.


I paid $125 for the case. I know, way too much. A really good Chinese case (oxymoron?)would cost around $80-$100. But I already have one of those and wanted an original case for the Epi Elitist LP case.


So, what do you think? Is this a Les Paul case? Is it an authentic Epiphone Elitist case?


Thanks for your help.


[Edit] I can't upload all pics here. I posted this question on another forum, link below. You can see other photos there. My apologies for posting a link to another forum.


post-32179-032674400 1315446455_thumb.jpg

post-32179-035527000 1315446754_thumb.jpg

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I couldn't view your pix at MLPF 'cause I'm not a registered member, but it's hard to imagine much profit margin in fake Elitist cases, but who knows, China is faking everything from CAT5 cable to car parts these days. I bought a new Casino Elitist case for $100 on eBay a few years ago and had no such concerns though. Here's a few web shots for comparison - it does seem the hump is normal:











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Thanks again for your replies. Well, I just found a MLPF thread of someone who sold an Epi Elitist LP Goldtop with what looks like the same case that I have. The pic shows the tapered case neck leading to a larger case head. The guitar headstock is swimming in room. The case legs are gumdrop-shaped like mine. It looks like the same case.


Any comments on this?


Here's the thread:



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Thing is, Epiphone has been known to sub out some products to various manufacturing contractors, so there may have been a run of those cases that came from a small order. It could be that their normal supplier was not meeting demand so they had someone else build them for awhile, or it could be that they tried a alternate supplier but didn't stick with them, or some other business decision was made to discontinue that case style. Maybe those are the very rare "original" cases and everything else is version 2, who knows. Epi is a mass market manufacturer so it's not realistic to expect 100% consistency in their products the way Gibson, Rickenbacker, Fender USA, PRS, etc. do things, even with the Elitist stuff.


In any event, if it's a good quality case and does it's job it doesn't really matter. And if itreally bugs you, send it back for a refund.

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Just the facts:


I have a Gibson case made in Canada. I bought the guitar "including" case, which should of been a made in USA case from 1961. They could not find the original case, so I had to settle.


But, I have a '65 martin that does not have a Martin case, but it has an old case most likely bought with the guitar. So, a Martin case would not be original then.


I have a '60's Fender case that has a '90's Japanese strat in it.


So...I have a 60's guitar that I bought with a new 90's case, a 90's guitar I bought with a 60's case, A 60's guitar I bought with a 60's case that is a different brand case. I have a guitar that is a strat but not a real strat because it was made overseas. I also have a Gibson that has a case that is not made in USA but came original with a Canadian case.


Hope that helps.

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WTF it is a case !



Yea...but is it a GENUINE case or is it a forgery?


I mean, sure, the guitar is not worth more because of the case it is in, but maybe the case is worth more or less because of what it is.


ALSO: consider this: if you spotted a case you KNEW was a forgery, would you be a little suspicious? It does not mean the guitar is, but what if the guy told you the case came with the guitar new?


Suppose: you spot a case with writing on it such as GIBSON and/or a signature for a model that doesn't exist? Would you be suspicious then?

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