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The most polite service ever had


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I am not sure if any advertising is allowed here at Forums, but I feel, I must share my experience with You all.


I was looking for a proper cleaner and polisher kit for my Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute Goldtop. I was told by many of You that the best chemicals for the thin nitro finish my guitar has is the "Virtuoso cleaner and polisher".


So I was looking for this product, and the nearest location where I could find it was in UK. The shop called "The Guitar Repair Workshop" was offering it in Manchester. (http://theguitarrepairworkshop.com)


After a few mails exchanged with the main repairman Mr. Steve Curtis, I placed my order. With air mail to Hungary the whole package with a bottle of cleaner and a bottle of polisher, plus a fret polisher kit - as gift - arrived within 5 working days. Mr. Curtis also sent me His business card with "Many thanks" handwritten on it.


This was just a Ł30 order, not a big thing for them, but the kindness, the politeness was so warm if I was buying a Ł4000 instrument from them. That's the way doing business! I can highly recommend them to everybody!


You might say: "What is so unique about this worth mentioning? This is how it should be!". I can tell You that many times huge names in the business doesn't even bother to reply to mails, even when I am asking informations about expensive products. I could name a few - but won't.


If the moderators of this site are not against it, it would be nice if we could list those shops here, which provide outstanding services with excellent attitude... Cheers... Bence

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its good to recognise when someone is doing well i agree it makes so much difference...my mate has a shop and is a gibson dealer and he is fantastic to deal with


i think it is a good idea to have a list of dealers that have earned that reputation.. good service and manners should be recognised :rolleyes:

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sadly, the last 2 "authorized" repairmen I visited bad-mouthed Gibson the entire time I was in their respective shops....

i'd had an amp short out and melted all the wiring and 1/2 the electronics in my old LP, and "Auth. reprmn #1" botched the repair so badly that I opted for another tech to try it, he also botched the job, so I rewired it myself using info i'd learned at this fine forum.

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