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Epiphone Thunderbird non-reverse white


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I've scoured the internet and had no luck figuring out how rare my bass is-- anywhere on the internet!


It's a Made in Korea Epiphone Thunderbird non-reverse. Those are rare themselves, but mine is also white. (Alpine White?)


Across the entire internet, I've only found one single picture of a white non reverse.


I found a thread on this site from 2010, but I don't know what color the guy's non reverse was. The ebay listing he linked to has ended so I can't see the pictures.


After all my googling, it seems like EggMuffins is the internet's non-reverse Thunderbird expert [thumbup] , but instead of PM'ing him I wanted to join the site and create an official thread.


What do you guys know about these Korean Thunderbirds? How rare are they and how rare is the white one?


I attached one picture from my phone but I can post a photo set on imgur when I get home later.

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Hey Samick,


I'm no expert on anything... but I do love 'The Weirdbird'


Check out this link (scroll down to the non-reverse goodness) from a couple of our esteemed Epi-brothers:




I don't think these basses are that rare, but I've personally never seen either the frost blue or red ones for sale... & I look daily [rolleyes]


Please post pics of yours here [thumbup]


& just 'cause you've given me an excuse... here's mine again [biggrin]





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