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LP traditional pro exclusive

frank b

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Guest BentonC

Love this guitar. To me it is one of the most versatile Gibson models that has come out in a while. I don't see any features on this model being a con:

-Satin back and neck- awesome

-57 and BB pickups- awesome

-Traditional body styling- awesome

-coil-tapping- super awesome

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quote name='frank b' timestamp='1315523873' post='1002331']

Hi, kinda like the specs on the LP tradional pro exclusive


The ebony's giving me the eye.

Any pros and cons on this one ?

Please : I'm interested in comments on everything but the neck, I like the slim taper !



I just got mine late last month. Having had time to wring it out a bit and for us to get to know each other I gotta tell you I coudln't be happier. Go for it man. I love the PLEK setup but I had to graph lube the nut and bridge saddles but that is all I have had to do.

I'm putting pickup covers on mine(for astecics). I understand that this will slightly change the sound of the pickups but as I see it if the pickups that came with the Trad Pro are meant to emulate versions of PAFs (which were covered) I can't see any harm besides I just like the look of covered pickups over the zebra bobbins IMHO.


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