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Theres no Queen without Mercury....


I saw them the last time around.... they still were great, at least from a huge Queen fan point of view.

I've always thought P.R., Bad Co & Free were awesome too.

Albertjohn... enjoy the show!

Pics and/or a review would be great.

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Thanks for all the responses. To be honest, I've always liked the music - A Night At The Opera was one of my first albums - but never a huge fan.


But the TV footage I've seen looks top class so I'm looking forward to it and very pleased to be going.


And I really like Paul Rodgers as a vocalist.


Cameras strictly banned so just a report after the show.

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Brian May is the greatest guitar player in the Cosmos!

If you don't agree with me .... I will fight you.






I don't agree. Come get some.


hey ChanMan that's two of us against one!


You going first?


Unless by "the Cosmos" he means the Cosmos cafe and bar in Islington!

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Saw the show last night. I'd never seen Queen before.


I had a great time. The sound and lighting was very good. Near to 2 1/2 hrs and no break!


Paul Rodgers - what a voice. He's never tried to be Freddie and last night was no exception. He sang like Paul Rodgers - hit every note with passion and authority. Masterful. He and Brian May are out of the same mould.


For me there was too much of Brian May on his own doing crazy thing with his echo machine but he did a great little acoustic interlude including, I was very pleased to see, a couple of very old songs on his Guild 12er.


But the highlight had to be BM. The sound he gets is quite extraordinary. His back line was 9 - count them! - 9 Vox AC30s. The power chords are like no-one else's and the solos were everything you'd want from him. A fantastic show from him.


The set list contained a couple of new songs from their latest album, and all the hits. There were a couple of older Bad Company songs - "Seagull" (Paul on his own - looked like a Yamaha acoustic) and "Bad Company"which were superb. No "Can't Get Enough....." which was disappointing for me as I love the song.


Of course Bo Rap. Had Fred on video doing the opening sequences and there was many a tear shed before the end of the song - I'm welling up as I type!!


Best song of the night for me was "All Right Now". PR and BM in full flow and a joy to behold.


All I can say is: I'm delighted to have gone despite not being a real Queen fan at all. These guys really know what they're doing. If you get a chance to see them, do yourself a favour and buy a ticket - the next Gibson can wait a little longer.

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