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Anyone like new music?

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I just ask because i'm always after new bands and styles to get into, and am always happy to get recommendation.


You can't have a post of "new songs I like" which is going to please everyone, but if anyone's got any links to bands or songs which might be touring sometime soon and sound good, then I'm ALWAYS happy to spend three and a half minutes giving it a try. (not a second more though)


If it's good it's good, from blues, jazz, rock, pop, metal, hardcore - ANYTHING.


To start things off, a black/death metal band from the UK I picked up from Youtube from an Akercoke link. They're called Talanas. If you like your metal in marble with ivy growing up it next to statues of angles on their knees, this might please. Not normally a musical style I'd instantly go for, but something about its quality really made me sit up.



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The Clutters, 60's garage meets the Ramones.


I saw them live recently and I could not believe that I had never heard of them before given they live in Nashville and play in town often.


Now I have their 3 albums and the 7" vinyl single





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