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Anyone like new music?

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The Clutters, 60's garage meets the Ramones.



I thought reinterpreting 60's pop into a maniac garage style was EXACTLY what the Ramones did.


I'm not saying the clutters are a bad band but with that drummer I'd rule out any resemblance to the Ramones whatsoever. Disco beats? Yes they are playing disco beats.


I'd say it's pretty much indie pop, the only thing "60's garage" is their gear.

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WOAH! Man I'm pleased I asked that question, there's some top contributions there.


It's 12:30 lazin on a Sundaaaaaaay afternoon (to misquote Ray Davis) the Mrs and kids have gone out so I thought I'd get around to listening to some of these recommendations.


The stand outs for me so far are




Alamaailman Vasarat




GRAVEYARD are fncuking brilliant! Never heard em before, I've already sent that link to all the music people I know, they're going to love it.


I've also realised that I don't think I can ever truly love, with all my heart, [love] , instrumental bands.


Don't know what it is, but something about the way I process rock/metal/guitar music means I've got to have a vocal melody. About 4 years ago I went through a phase of exclusively listening to bands like Detwiije, That ******* Tank, Kinski - I think I made myself a bit sick of them though, there's a lesson. For those of you who like it though, here's some Kinski




If anyone's got any more new music to share, I for one am lapping up dis sheeeeeeeet



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+1 on the Animals As Leaders. The links below are (as far as I know) to a little duo effort in the UK. No idea if they're even on a label, or have put anything to CD. One of the guys is a member at MLP, and shared his stuff their which is where I found it. I dig it hardcore.


I wish there were a player embed so people wouldn't have to follow a link, but alas, there's not (again, as far as I know).


The Long Tenon - Evil Spikes of Doom


I'd recommend giving this one a listen until at least two minutes +. Their chord progressions and vocals get very interesting to me around the 1:20 mark.

The Long Tenon - Habits


And these guys aren't so "new", but I don't believe they're hugely popular and they've released a new album recently.



Looks like I've forgotten how to post youtube vids too...

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The Clutters, 60's garage meets the Ramones.


I saw them live recently and I could not believe that I had never heard of them before given they live in Nashville and play in town often.


Now I have their 3 albums and the 7" vinyl single






Where the hell do you get the Ramones from this? More like shitty disco pop beats, and bad vocals.


This is not "60s garage" in any sense of the word, except that they maybe should have stayed in a garage.


Wilco beats em hands down in every aspect of music

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