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Silly newbie pickup question


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Hi there! I just received my first brand new Gibson LP Special with P90s and noticed something odd. The bridge pickup has two screws protruding pretty far up outside the cover almost touching the strings. As a result the pickup cover is much further raised as compared to the neck pickup. Am I supposed to tighten these up and if so, how much?


I have also noticed that the bridge pickup is significantly quieter than the neck, which I assume is a side effect. I realize this might seem obvious but I dreadfully afraid of doing anything to harm my new baby and I wanted to double check.

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Yes, common thing to have to deal with on a LP Special.


There should be six screws, one for each string, and all alike. There should be 2 additional screws between. These 2 other screws are for the pickup height adjustment.


The pickup is attached by using these 2 screws, and they each have a spring under them. Tighten them and you lower the pickup. The closer it is to the strings, the louder it will be.


Notice, that the strings are much closer to the body at the neck pickup than the bridge pickup. In order for the 2 pickups to have equal distance to the strings, the neck pickup will be nearly flush with the body and the bridge pickup will look much higher.


So..do not adjust the 2 Pickups so they look the same...I would start by adjusting the neck pickup to just barely above the body, and then adjust the bridge pickup until it is equal in volume to the neck pickup.


From there, if you choose to, you can adjust each one or both to the point you think it sounds best.


For me, I find it usually sounds best with the neck pickup flush with the body, and the bridge pickup a little louder than the neck pickup.

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