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My dad's 1954 Gibson Acoustic??? (need help)


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Hi -


I'm a real novice when it comes to guitars, but I've done some research on line and I have what I believe is a 1954 Gibson acoustic (FON X8891)...I don't really know which model it is.


My dad bought it for himself as a high school graduation present. It's in pretty good shape, but needs some repairs (tuning pegs are fragile, brittle and broken, probably needs a general "tune-up", peg to hold a strap at the bottom is missing, new strings, etc.).


My Questions:


1. What model is this?


2. Can you recommend a quality luthier in the northern New Jersey/New York City area who could restore this guitar to "original" condition.


3. I do not want to sell it...but any estimate for insurance value on this guitar? (in current condition? in restored condition?)



Thanks for any help you can provide!!!



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In late '54 the 45's went from thin to heavier inner structures (called bracing).

The thin braces are very attractive as they allow the spruce-top to vibrate freer. It also meant more fragile guitars, so handle with care.


And when you replace tuners, be sure you get the right type : White buttons like the ones it has now.

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I wonder if you'd be better served by having the buttons replaced on the existing, original tuners - a good repair shop ought to be able to do that easily enough, or for that matter you could order them from Stewart-MacDonald or some other source. Or you could get drop-in replacements ... but I'd just replace the buttons if it was my guitar ...

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