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Buddy Holly J-45


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Here is a link to Atkin guitars in the UK.


The Buddy Holly foundation have

requested for them to make a short run of J-45s, including the Elvis type leather cover.

The short run is in fact only two guitars and both sold!

I wonder why Gibson wasn't asked?

I can't believe the Atkin will say 'Gibson' on the headstock, but the image seems to imply

that it will. A few years ago, I was in Ivor Mairants shop in London, they have a full range

high end acoustic including an Atkin J-45. I played them all, including a Martin J-40, and the

Atkin BLEW THEM ALL AWAY!! It was an astonishing instrument at a good price too.

Still, I wouldn't sell or swap my 93 Gibson 45s for anything!

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Hi, folks,


Thanks for mentioning my project! Yes, indeed, I have decided to spread the guitars around to a few different luthiers.


I just returned from LA, where I presented guitars to Phil Everly, Graham Nash, James Burton, and albert Lee. Some pics:








And, a review of the concert I helped to organize (coming to PS in December).

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