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Jeff Tweedy's signature SG update?


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Hi guys,


I'm new here, lurk here occasionally. There had been threads last month and two months back on various forums confirming the existence of a pelham blue Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) SG model.

I'm a huge WIlco fan, a huge Jeff Tweedy fan, a huge SG fan, and an even huger pelham blue SG fan.


In short, I just need this guitar.


There haven't been any official announcements from Gibson, but there was a model at the 2011 Gibson Summer Jam:



Does anybody have any idea on when this will be coming out? I'm not very familiar with Gibson's history on sig models - have they ever announced certain models/made a select few, then never put them out? Are they experiencing some kind of problem right now that is preventing them from putting out new models (like the Angus Young model, which I read here recently)? I honestly think I will cry if they don't put this model out - it's absolutely perfect for me.


Someone give me a sign!

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I took that picture you posted at summer jam, it is a nice guitar at a nice price.


The neck profile felt pretty good and the satin finish also feels good on the hand, visually the natural color neck looks a bit odd to me but not too bad.


Track one down, you'll love it.

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