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Help me in this 1966 EB3 purchase please.


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How do I ensure I don't end up with a bad trod, or other defects?


You don't. I just went through a similar experience with a guy over at TB regarding a 79 Ibanez Musician. The seller was a member in long standing with nearly 50 transactions, all positive and was well regarded in general. He mentioned a "minor" issue with the neck (a rise at the heel - very common on older intruments) and said otherwise the neck was great. I've dealt with this kind of thing before on other basses and, with everything else working properly, it can be corrected with a little G&P locally. I get the bass, check it out - there's the rise. Okay. But the action's a little high - there's a bit more relief than I like. I go to adjust it and I find the truss rod maxed out.Very bad. Ultimately the neck needed another $450 worth of work. I did get a refund, but it wasn't without some convincing. I do believe he wasn't trying to deliberately skunk me and wasn't aware of what was going on with it, but I still consider myself lucky. I wouldn't deal with CL unless I could go see it.


At least on ebay you have some protection. Beware of "No Returns" or "As-Is" items. That's the language that gets you stuck with it. Patience will eventually get you something in your bracket with the option for return. That's the only way to buy an older instrument without seeing it in person first.

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