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I need help to.....



Spyn Audio SLX4400LD vs QSC RMX5050HD


i'm leaning towards the SPyn because I heard it has great power and DJ's all around the world use this power amp


Leme know



~crappy picture sorrry!

post-40088-087476600 1327343771_thumb.png

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Yes, I Prefer Gibson Amps Instead Of The Of The Other Amps Out There In Different Manufactures... So, I'll tell you this Go Ahead To A Local Gibson Guitar Store In Your Area Or Go Online To Find Good Amps That Fit Your Price Range I Prefer The Super Expensive Like The $40,000 Amplifier by Gibson (Example) I really Love The OverPrice Range High Quality Expensive... AMPS By Gibson Guitars. So Go Ahead check An Amp Now!!!!!!




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