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Destroyed Collection - Looking for Suggestions


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Good Evening to All!


I figured this would be a good place to start. Recently Tropical Storm Lee made it's presence known to the little town of Vestal, NY where my parents reside. Sadly the two houses located at the lowest point in the town belonged to my parents and Aunt and Uncle next door. The flood waters went as high as their roof and everything they owned was decimated.


My father has dedicated his life to music and his guitars as you can see on his website http://cwhowell2.com/guitars/myguitars.htm and http://cwhowell2.com/guitars/guitars.htm


In the flood he lost every guitar, every pick, every piece of recording equipment he possessed over a 70 year span.


Can anyone suggest any contacts that I may be able to reach out to for donations or the like to help him get back to his music? Any posts with direction would be greatly appreciated.





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