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1966 Melody Maker tuning key questions


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I have a 1966 Melody Maker that has a set of non-original tuning keys. They were put on by the previous owner and they didn't do a very good job installing them. I've decided that I want to fit the guitar with a set of reissue Klusons, but I'm not sure of the original hardware dimensions. I did some research and the best I can figure out are the following:


Kluson 3 on a plate w/plastic button - 1/4"

Kluson 3 on a plate w/nickel button - 6mm


The description information on the plastic button version (1/4" post diameter version) says it fits Melody Makers up to 1964. Did Gibson change to a 6mm post after 1964, or is this information misleading?


Thanks in advance for any helpful info.

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