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68 reissue humming/static pproblem

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It sounds like a ground problem. Possibly just a broken solder connection. Make sure you are not anywhere around fluorescent lights and any electrical devices except your amp are turned off. Try to isolate which pickup is making the noise or maybe both. Try more than one cord between the guitar and amp and try more than one amp. This will rule out the amp and cord. Take the control cavity cover off and look for anything unusual. One of the wires (the ground) to the jack could be loose and should also be checked. If it is a pickup problem, it is doubtful that both pickups would have a problem at the same time, so if the noise is there with the toggle switch in all positions, then the pickups are probably fine and it is a ground somewhere else. I would take the mounting screws out of the jack plate and the jack & plate out enough to check it. You can do all of this with the amp on and not worry. The voltages and amperage inside a guitar are not lethal. My best guess is that there is a problem with the jack or jack wiring if your cord is fine. I am also assuming that the amp has a properly wired 3 prong plug for the AC.

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