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Ministry - "Jesus Built My Hotrod"


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Although I'm not a fan of metal or thrash I do really like Ministry as they are all gifted guitarists and their melodies are intricate and complicated.Besides "Jesus Built My Hotrod","Stigmata" was a fabulous song and the one that first got me interested in them.By rights I should start buying their CDs.

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Their best album to me was "In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up", their live one. (Followed Closely by Psalm 69)


All their best songs and played beautifully. I miss old Ministry...




Also the BEST version of So What ever...



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Damn, this takes me back. I loved Ministry back in the day. [thumbup]


I remember back around 1992 or so, I had tickets to see Ministry & Helmet. I volunteered to help some friends haul some furniture, figuring I'd have plenty of time. We ended up getting stuck in traffic and I missed the concert. I'm still pissed about that to this day.


Shred, that's a great version of So What.. one of my favorites.


Let's not forget this one...



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