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Best video game music?


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Am I the only one who turns music right off?

I used to when the music was Bleeps and Clicks like the old Nintendo, but modern video games use music to set moods. So when the music get dire it's time to look around and expect an attack, helps game play.


Which reminds me, Red Dead Redemption has some pretty cool music. They did a good job of making it seem like a movie soundtrack.

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My favourite score of all time was the Chrono Trigger OST by Yasunori Mitsuda, He also did Chrono Cross which was awesome as well.


Other contenders are Mega Man series, Castlevania, Mario of course, some of the final fantasy games.


There was an Xbox 360 game called Eternal Sonatta which was based around Frederick Chopin which was great.


Chrono Trigger Main theme (Orchestrated)


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