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Last Nights gig with the new J-150


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So 24 hours after receiving her I decided she's in a fit state to gig, so I took her with me as we did our final gig before a months break (off to Australia in 4 hours for 3 weeks!).


Recorded the show and was wondering which track to illustrate that shows different sides of the Jumbo, and chose Patience as it has a bit of all. Strumming, arpegios, lead breaks etc.


Overall very happy with the tone. Found a really nice image on the Aura spectrum and received good feedback after the show. Definitely one of the best guitar one could choose to accompany a singer.


As i mentioned earlier, it needs a set up so i couldnt really dig in as I get fret buzz, and also the high E is very quiet through the pickup, this will need to be addressed when i put a new bone saddle in her. You will noticed how quiet it is when i play the lead breaks. Pls note i use a looper with the rhythm part when playing over.


One final comments. It is an amazingly comfortable guitar to perform with. Actually in terms of holding her, she's more comfy than dreads and OM's, you just wrap yourself around her (or she around you). And the other thing is the neck..... I dont know if they have different necks but J-150 / 200 necks are just amaingly easy to play.


OK, here it is, enjoy, would be keen to hear your thought on the plugged in tone.


cheers !


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Thanks guys, must say I was happy with her also for a first.


The pickup is what's called a fishman active transducer, no specific model name. Just a UST with no tone or volume controls.


However the magic is in the aura spectrum, its what gives the guitar such a natural tone ... Oh, plus the guitar.

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