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Thinking of selling my Les Paul, should I not?


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Well either in 2008 or 2009 I decided I was going to get a job at the age of 15 or 16 to buy a Gibson Les Paul Classic. Im still not great at guitar and lately havent been playing much. Right now its on ebay and the starting bid is 1150, I spent 2089 when it was brand new. Its my understanding this guitar is discontinued so if I sell it, thats it, no replacement, ever possibly of the same classic model. Its got 4 days left and lately thats been eating at me, that its irreplaceable. Should I end my listing and keep it?

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my advice (for what it's worth).....unless it's a life or death issue...DON'T SELL...,


i sold a classic once,regretted it the next day!.......BUT......


scrolling through e-bay one day........THAT'S MY GUITAR!.....


Bought it back.......


lost £300 on the deal,


but got MY guitar back..[biggrin]


never again.


You'll lose a friend...


These things OWN YOU!

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Plus the only reason im selling it is because I need fast money for something. I also think at the moment its too much guitar for my skill level, like I dont deserve it.


Well (for what it's worth), I've always felt it's better to grow into a guitar (skill wise) than out of one.

Less expensive, in the long run, too. But, there are a lot of Les Paul models still in production, and the "Traditional"

is a very worthy "replacement," for the "Classic," should you go ahead and sell the Classic, and want another

similar guitar, later. So...??? Whatever your heart tells you, is what you should do. If it feels wrong, and

you think you'll really regret it, then don't sell. But, only you can know that, for sure.



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If you have ANY sentimental attachments to your guitar, DO NOT SELL.


I did that with my first electric, man it's a piece of ****, badly molded machine heads, in fact one has a hole in it from not molding properly and the strings are off to one side so they do not line up over the pickups at all.

I think the neck is also warped.


Yet I still bought it back for more than what I sold it for.

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  • 9 years later...
20 hours ago, Johnnyk00006 said:

I'm selling my 1971 Gibson Les Paul custom Cherry Sunburst. This gutair could easily net me 5g but I'm looking for 2500 because my financial situation isn't looking good. johnnyk00006@gmail.com if anyone's is interested I'll send you pictures it's in great condition





JohnnyK 00006 resurrected this thread cause he's trying to sell his guitar. And just added on to a 11yr old post

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7 hours ago, merciful-evans said:


That's my understanding. In which case, using an old thread to advertise your guitar could be a way of slipping under the mods radar 🙃

with all the things to be worried about, replying to an old thread is like not even on the list, that didn't make the list...

who the f--- cares?


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