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R9 or fake?


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Hi Guys!

new inposting but been reading for some time....and ad showed up on a local Moscow (Russia, not Florida :) ) forum about selling R9 and the price is around US$3000 which is a helluva LOW ptice for Russia coz the local dealers usually multiply the reatail price by 3 but there's something fishy about this guitar.

seller posted a link to some of his pics



the serial number is kind of pale but it reads 9 1976 and the scams are not rare here (people buy a lots of stuff on ebay, have it shipped here and try to sell it for a lot of money) so I've called the guy and was surprised by the following

- he speaks perfect english so definitelly is not Russian coz in 5 years here I never met a russian with perfect US english

- speaks native russian (at least my wife says so)

- has an incredible guitar collection - some 30 pre-cbs fenders, 3 or 4 1961 jazzbasses few 69 LP customs, 2 original '59 Bursts, 56 LP goldtop, few 50s LPs with P90, 2 DNA Ibanez JEM guitars and a bunch of other stuff...has another huge room in his house with a truckload of vintage amps - fenders,a mpges, marshalls, vox, magnatone, alamo futura - it was like entering a guitarshrine.


I've also did some research on internet and found this guy on jemsite.com and saw he was selling the same guitar there and also found out he did some salling there some time ago and all the buyers were very happy with him as a seller but what raised the red flag was

- guitar looks mint but has some dings on the headstock. sellers says he is not the original owner so can't say anything about that

- has COA and it's not printed on a color printer but case is not the original one, its black in and out, soft padded, same latches as Lifton but not original.

- i've asked him to remove the pickups and he did that with no problem, said the PUPs were changed into skatterbrane some 2 years ago and he bought it like this. But when we removed the bridge PUP there was no paint in the cavity. there is paint and lacquere on the sides but not on the bottom of the cavity. everything OK with the neck cavity though. I have to say that he was a bit surprised as well.


I've spent about 2.5 hours in his house and we talked music, guitars and stuff, he really knows bits and details and doesn't seem to me like someone who would scam a fellow musician, but for the last 5yrs I've been living here I saw everything and some more.


photos on the link above are pretty high-res photos, so I'd like to ask those of you who are really-really into R9s and R8s what do you think? How real (or not) is this thing? The main issue for me is the price coz R9 here in moscow would be AT LEAST 5000 bucks if not more and 3000 sounds untrue for this town. this would be a nice chance to grab R9 for a good money and while we were talking this guy had at least 20 calls from other people so I guees this will be sold soon, no matter if this is the real stuff or not - price is just too sweet.


have to say that this thing plays like butter and sounds....wow...great. ive played it through a few of his amps and man this is one sweet guitar but this thing with no paint on the PUP cavity and pale serial number.....


Rob Johnson

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