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The Beatles for me.


I used to listen to a lot of grand funk too. other Tman, I thought you were too young to know about them!


I was once told that I'm a young person with an old soul. msp_flapper.gif


I really like Grand Funk's music! I've listened to them so much that I was inspired to make this wallpaper:



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Guest farnsbarns

As I age this gets harder to answer. I love the Doors and 10 years ago would have said The Doors in an instant. These days I love the Foos, Sea Sick Steve, The Allman Brothers, Led Zep, Jimmi, Harry Chappin, GnR, 10 Years After and loads of others. I don't think I could say I have every release from any of them (actually SSS but he hasn't been around long) and since I don't generally have to pay for music because the wife has a record allowance from work that she can't possible use all of. I don't think I could name every member of any of those bands either(again SSS but it's just him), or every song or even every album.


Maybe I'm lazy but I just stick a CD / Playlist on and listen, not really interested in anything else.

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It used to be AC/DC when I was younger which then went on to Iron Maiden and then Kiss.


Nowadays my one band is Megadeth. As I've got back in to guitar playing and have become significantly better that I was in my youth I really like technical playing. Some of the speed metal bands are masters at this. The latest band I can't stop playing is Testament, another very technical thrash band. What these two acts have is not just their technical playing but the complex construction of their writing and arrangements. Of a less heavy nature I really like Queensryche for both their technical prowess and their writing and arrangements.

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Rush. Neil Peart's lyrics speak to me in a special way. Sub Divisions totally describes me. Otherwise, id have to say AC/DC, Kiss ( or Ace Frehley. Love Frehley's Comet ), Zep, Beatles, Motorhead, VH, or Hendrix. OF COURSE THERES MORE!!!! Oh, and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band ( or Electric Flag. Anything Michael Bloomfield did ). And MY BIG 4 of metal: Black Sabbath ( or Ozzy. RR is one of my heroes, Bark At The Moon is one of my fav. albums, and I like a lot of the Zakk stuff. ), Slayer, Priest, and Maiden ( PIECE OF MIND FTW!!!). And of course Tom Petty, Black Label Society, anything Paul Gilbert related, and the man himself: PHIL X!!!! Oh, SRV too.... And AIC.

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