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Started the recording process...


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...for all of the old songs by band (Knuckle) wrote but never recorded. Our singer went to school for audio engineering so he's producing it.


I went to his place yesterday and we started recorded the first song...got our two rhythm tracks down and he laid down a couple of solos. We had a 2 year old present so it wasn't as productive as it could have been. Next time there will be babysitting occuring!! We put together a list of about 15 songs we're going to do..its gonna take a long time to get done being that we only get 1 day every few weeks to work on it but we'll get it done.


I'm excited and felt good to be playing with someone else again!!!


Here's the song we are starting with...(Old Jam room recording from 2005):



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good stuff bro for sure!!! really dig that track.. you guys tuned down to B? very nice solo to some good right hand tapping happening


yeah recording is very different its sort of hard not to get tense i think the more you do it the easier it becomes..thats a break your singer is an audio engineer its a very involved process at times getting good tone and clarity, mix levels and mastering takes a lot of skill


i will be very interested to hear how the project is going i like the sort of approach you got there so please update us with how you are going


i am concentrating on recording these days just home studio but i am excited as i get pro tools 9 cross grade in a couple of days my pro tools 8 just didnt like my new fast computer with win 7 64 so i am looking forward to getting some progressions and ideas out also


may i ask what the DAW is are you doing it on cubase or pro tools or other?


all the best with it [thumbup]

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Thanks man! Actually we are only tuned down to Drop C for that song... (CGCFAD) Most of our songs are in Drop C or D Standard (DGCFAD)


We're using Pro Tools 9 (he was trained on Pro Tools) so everything should go smoothly. It's going to take a long time before its all done but when we get that song done, i'll share it here. I NEED documentation of the old songs we used to play live...good documentation. :)


So yeah...really looking forward to getting this moving. Our bass player and drummer are down too...we'll see when they can come out. James and I will record as much of the guitar work as possible before they can come. We'll see if we need to redo anything once the drums are in.

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cool thats sounds really good ..yeah it can be a very tricky process the logistics of getting every one with time commitments..personally i find i need the drums tracks playing to get the feel right


one thing that seems to happen that the recording process seems to dictate the sound that comes out usually what i set out to get and what i end up with are 2 different things i just sort of roll with it ..but if you are playing specific songs documenting it will be a different approach..once again you are very lucky to have a trained audio engineer there is a lot to pro tools as i have been finding


i love alot of good post metal theres just so many good bands in the states so its good to see whats happening there i look forward to hearing how you go with it its the sort of music i listen to usually [thumbup]

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