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A little help. Please help tell me what this is?


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Well I have a strange guitar that I was sold as a 1980 Gibson Les Paul kit guitar. It has the serial number 82540503. It looks pretty old. The finish has been stripped off. I have been told that it was from 1980. It doesn't fit in with anything I have seen after extensive searches. A few different people have told me that during this period there was a lot of strange stuff happening at GIBSON.


Here is a link to pictures:




and a few shots.






Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance! Jimmy

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looks like somebodys ''frankenstein'' project to me....the neck is 1980,did gibson ever use schaller machines?,i don't think they did as stock (not certain though).....so that means they have been added later,adding to the ''frankenstein'' theory..


The body?...could be anything and not necessarily gibson,it appears flat so that would suggest a les paul special or such,and i think specials came with the protector case,

that neck looks poorly glued in to me,and i see no sign of a truss rod,or is the nut just missing?


Sorry i can't be of more help,i'm sure somebody with more knowledge than me will be able to advise,certainly if you contact gibson they should be able to tell you what guitar the neck originally belonged too,


other than that i think it's just guesswork i'm afraid.


just noticed the three screw truss rod cover holes......this does not appear to be a gibson neck.....but again there could be an innocent reason for the three holes...hope somebody can help you more.......seems like you're...''dancing in the dark'' with this one.


Looking at the pic's again.....personally i couldn't/wouldn't be sure anything about that guitar is gibson,other than the case,...i'm probably wrong though.(usually am![biggrin] )

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Hi and welcome.


It's not a Gibson neck.


I can't say much about the body as there's not much evidence to go on. The 'horn' in pic 182 appears a bit odd. Looks like somebody has been having a bit of difficulty in trying to put the bridge-studs in the correct place....


I suspect it's all just the remains of a "LP-style" copy that's been stripped down to bare wood.



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It does not look like any Gibson I have ever seen. If it is, it is a model I am unaware of.


There are a few details I don't think were ever something Gibson made. The neck is made from 2 separate wood pieces at the headstock and also at the heel. Also, the shape of the horn on the cutaway side does not look like any Les Paul I have ever seen. (Some in the 70's are much sharper than the "proper" shape, but this seems to be the opposite, more rounded than a proper shape).


Looking at the imprint of the case, you can see that the location of the knobs and tailpiece do not line up. So, this is not the case for this guitar. Not the guitar this case has been used with at least.


I think it is most likely it is not a Gibson, but I can't tell what it is. Perhaps the grafted headstock with 3 screw truss rod cover could narrow it down, and a LP with a separate cap that is not maple could narrow it further, or help to confirm the model was never made by Gibson.

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Looks like a copy to me.

I don't recall any Gibsons which have a three screw truss rod cover

Doesn't even appear to be a truss rod in the neck.


The positioning of the machine heads in the headstock seem a bit high too but it could be due to the machine heads themselves.

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Another Frankenstein vote.


As Lashurst pointed out, the back of the headstock shows what looks like a joint seam. The front of the headstock looks like it has a mahogany overlay on it to hide the joint seam (check the edges of the headstock front - looks like an overlay is sitting on it). At any rate, this has some concerns, and that scary headstock situation - I would stay away.

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-correct me if I am wrong,but, shouldn't a 1980 Les Paul have a volute?


Yes. According to Tony Bacon's Les Paul book the volute was a feature until c1981.


But I don't think anyone here believes that it is any sort of Gibson.



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