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Goodbye to Summer


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I can't attach from here but they're easily found. All of these tunes really bring this season to me.


In The Summertime - Mongo Jerry

Summer In The City - The Lovin' Spoonful

Hot Fun In The Summertime - Sly & The Family Stone

Summertime Blues - The Who

Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks

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guys i just want to say i am saying goodbye to winter thank god ..i live in the southern hemisphere where i am is like a suburb of antartica is it freezing so i am REALLY looking forward to summer and have been green with envy listening to people on the web in the northern hemisphere talking bout the summer..mmm...i have just got over a flu i am sitting here next to a heater it is like the middle of the night and i wear a ski jacket when i go outside so this thread is great news to me [biggrin][thumbup] [thumbup]


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