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Texan with bookmatched back?


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I have a Texan with what appears to be a maple bookmatched back. I can't find any description or instance of Epiphone using this on other Texans. I have looked up dozens of images on Google seraches and have not seen one like mine. Unfortunately, when I bought it used, the label inside was half obliterated and I cannot read the serial number.


Can anyone provide details on this type of Texan?





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Pretty guitar.


Never seen a blue label quite like that before.


The redacted serial number gives me the willies.



Someone told me that, when they buy guitars as "student guitars", they stamp them as such and remove the serial numbers. I have no idea if that holds any water...

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Truss rod access via sound-hole.Blacked-out serial no. is usually indicative of a "refurb",with " 2 "or "used "on the back of the headstock.



The back seems to be 'over braced'. The two ladder braces seem closer together than is normally seen.


There is no indication of a model number, FT145 or FT79. The label is only vaguely reminiscent of the genuine article. There is no mention of "Made in ________"


Add to the no truss rod cover.... I'm of a mind that this may not be the genuine article. But the logo is absolutely perfect.... Hmm...


Epiphone did have guitars made in several parts of the world. Maybe this is one made in Indonesia or even, I've heard, Czechoslovakia.... Curious.


Epiphones are generally not counterfeited as there is not enough money in it. But the wood selection and book matched back with zipper are features generally not included in fakes. This, whatever the logo says on the headstock, is a finely made guitar.


I'm not ready to say for certain this is a counterfeit, but it certainly is an oddity.

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