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You've bought the gear but what do you do with it?


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We've had a fair few threads here about what gear people use but I thought it would be interesting to find out what you're all actually doing with it or doing it for. Do you have a project studio (or better)? is it a hobby? or are you really going for the big break? Maybe you release your own stuff as an indepedent.

What sort of music do you write/record?


For me it's very much just a hobby. Although I had a long and relatively well paid career in the (low end of) the music biz, I have no illusions about how much songwriting talent I have or that one day I'm going to make the big time. I'm not. However, I always liked the beat group sound of the 60's (not just The Beatles and Stones) and I like to write, play and record in that kind of style mostly just for fun.


That's me so, what do you use all that expensive equipment for and what is your ultimate goal?

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I see it as a hobby but I do want to best sound I can get within reason of cost.

I don't have a full blown studio but it's dead silent where I live so I don't get any external interference.


The music I tend to create is a hybrid of electronic and acoustic sound.

Nothing progressive though.


I suppose the sound could be related to Massive attack meets Tool.

It's down beat and not technically complicated.

Something which expresses mood rather than technical showboating.

A lot of the time my projects are unfinished even though they can be labeled as complete in structure because IO may never know if I find a better way of creating the project's sound.


I also collaborate with people over the internet which I am doing at the moment.

I also extend my collaborations into genres which I do not particularly like to give another angle which may not have been thought of.


My ambition mainly is to collaborate with aspiring musicians I see promise in.

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It's definately only a hobby for me and I get a big kick out of do it. I surprise myself at times and I feel I am improving with every project especially on the production side of things. I have only ever been a bedroom player with very few oportunities to do anything live. I have a modest home studio but I think I produce a pretty good product for the level of equipment and skill I have. The quality and diversty of the software certainly helps. I have a wide range mostly rock guitar orientated but I do like to add the odd soft synth here and there. Love the Blues as well.




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