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What's the most beautiful car you've ever seen...

Tim Plains

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Not necessarily your dream car, but the nicest car you've ever seen?

If I had my pick of any car, I'd take a McLaren F1 or Lamborghini Murcielago LP640...but the nicest car I've ever seen has got to be the Ferrari 355...Coupe or Spyder.












H*ll, I'll take the blonde too while I'm at it!


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Okay, maybe not the most beautiful...

but you should have seen it before.


A buddy of mine restores cars for a living. Four or five years ago, he spotted a reasonably solid, brown 318 Challenger rag-top for $6,000. He remembered a few years earlier at the annual car show our club puts on, one of our members from Montreal showed up with a couple of his HEMI e-bodies. The one that made the biggest impression was the silver convertible with the red interior. Well, Al had a spare HEMI crate motor lying around...




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I remember when the C-3 Vettes were CHEAP!

Nobody wanted them unless they were a big block car, even then only 68-72.


I still don't like new flashy billet wheels on an old car, when the factory wheels looked fine.

At least get a retro style wheel if you're gonna go aluminum...


I know, I'm an old fart!

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